Is Our Earth Falling Apart?

by / Friday, 09 September 2016 / Published in End Time Events

Friend, isn’t there signs that our world is falling apart, quickly?  I think our loving Jesus has everything timed just right.  Doesn’t He say in His word that He will supply all our needs?  So, I believe this world is getting a little more tattered with each passing day.  But, our Lord is holding everything in check for us until we see Him in the clouds of glory.  This world is going to hold together until He comes.  It may not be in the best condition; but, it will still exist.   The reason I say that is because Jesus kept this world functioning well just before the flood.   The people back in that time made our heavenly Father so angry that He destroyed the world with a flood.   It was their evil thinking, conduct, habits and evil speech that made our heavenly Father so angry.  But, the earth was still doing just fine.  God was still holding it together as He does every day.   Men may in the future fling a few H-bombs around the world and that, of course, will kill millions; but, I think our heavenly Father has everything under His control and is doing a fine job in making sure our needs are supplied right up until the time He comes.  All that you and I have to do, friend, is stay connected to Him each day.  He will shelter us just like He does every day.

The Bible tells us that it will be like the days of Noah when the Lord comes.  So, it was the people living in those times that were screwed-up in their heads, not the world.   Isn’t it the same way today?  It is the people that are living for themselves and not in love with Jesus that are so insincere and slowly making this planet an unpleasant place to live in.  In their twisted thinking they are doing all kinds of things to ruin the earth. 

Our heavenly Father is the one that has given us life, and He is the One that will sustain us right up until He comes in the clouds of glory.  We can see this world is getting more and more polluted and the earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes are getting worse.  And, the climate is changing all over the world. 

All these are signs that this world just cannot continue on much longer.  I believe we are close to the end; but, it will continue on right up until our Father is so fed-up with this corrupt world that He calls a “halt” to this madness and comes and puts an end to all the evil people just like He did back in the days of Noah.

Sara Lee


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