Time Is Moving Fast!

by / Sunday, 23 November 2014 / Published in End Time Events

We are so blessed that we have the opportunity to live in a time that the early prophets all looked forward to. I love the Bible. I am so glad that Jesus left behind His word for us to read. It is not only a book that reveals to us how much He loves us; gives us instruction on how to live a more joyful life with excellent council in living in a way that will make our walk on this earth much easier if we stay yoked to the Lord; but, it is full of all the end-time prophesies. God in His marvelous love for us has shown us through His word what will take place on this planet just before He comes in the clouds of glory. How kind and good of Him not to leave us in the dark.

It is true that the times we are living in are intense; but, we have nothing to fear. Actually, these are exciting times because you and I get to see the power of God at work, and we get to see all the end-time prophesies unfold. We know how it is going to end. We know that we will be protected just like Noah and his family were protected in the Ark during that “terrible time of trouble”.

The Lord is right beside us and his angels are all around us. More of His power and grace will be given to us in the days ahead so that we can handle the shocking, violent, behavior that is just before us.

Satan is a very cruel being. He is behind of all the evil that is taking place in this world. His plans to ruin this world are falling into place at lightning speed. He knows his end is the lake of fire; but, “hate” drives him on.

Praise the Lord that He is coming soon to put an end to all of this misery and woe.

God bless you and your loved ones, friend!


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