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Jesus Sitting with Children

Do you take a few minutes each day thinking about our sweet Jesus?  Do you have a smile on your face when you think about the tremendous blessings that He freely sends you every day?

Oh, I shudder to think of how lonely and unhappy this life would be without the One who loves us with an “everlasting” love.  Could you handle one minute without His power and grace in your life?

What a privilege it is to bask in His love every day knowing that our Lord has the power to bring us all through whatever takes place throughout each day.

Come what may, nothing can disturb our peace that comes from the One who is always at peace.  We put our complete trust in Him because we know that if we keep our eyes on Him, he will give us the victory over whatever may come our way throughout this one life that we have.

Each morning we can wake up knowing that Jesus is still our best friend.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  Because He loves you and me, He is right beside us with His arm of love around us as He leads us through this world that seems so difficult at times.

Jesus is so interested in our well-being that He wants nothing but the best for us.  If we totally put Him first in our lives, we would have such joy and peace of mind.  Oh friend, can you think of anyone who is more qualified to guide and direct your life?  Don’t you think it would be wise to allow our sweet Lord, who has been over the rough roads, to have complete control over us so He can lead us safely over those same rough roads?

There seems to be so many rough roads in this world that it is overwhelming at times.  Can you and I, with His grace and power, rise above the unpleasant things in this world?  Can we be so wrapped up in Jesus that no matter what goes on around us it will never disturb that peace that we have in Him?  Can we put our complete trust in Him?  Jesus knows everything about us; therefore, He knows just how much we can mentally handle, and He will give us no more than what we can bear.  He is the only one that is qualified to lead us over the rough roads in this world.  He is the only one that can give us the strength to handle the good days as well as the bad days, and He is the only one that can give us the strength to handle the unpleasant things that take place in this world from day to day.

You may wonder where that wonderful peace and strength comes from that our Lord so richly bestows on us even though we are so unworthy to receive such peace and strength.  It comes from a daily study of God’s beautiful word.  The Bible is a love letter given to us by our Creator.  It is a guide book.  It is an instruction book.  Our sweet Lord gave us this beautiful book to enrich our lives and to uplift and encourage us.  Through the Bible God reveals various ways, if followed, to help us to have a pleasant, blissful life.

Many do not read the Bible because they are afraid that it may conflict with their lifestyle in some way.  Perhaps they feel their daily life would not be in harmony with God’s word.  They may have to make some necessary changes in the way that they live, and that is something they do not want to do because they like the way they are living, and want to continue on doing the same things, going to the same places, and enjoying their everyday life.

Friend, pick up the Bible and read it.  You will find that Jesus is for you not against you.  The Bible is not a book given by God to make life miserable for you.  It is a book that not only reveals how much Jesus loves you and is for you, but, it has good council in helping your life to be more enjoyable.  If you find in reading the Bible that there may be some areas in your life that are not in harmony with His word, then make the necessary changes, quickly.

With our Friend Jesus by your side, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. He will stand by you and give you the power to make those changes which will put you on a much better path than the one you have been walking on.  But, oh, the blessings that you will experience, if you read the Bible are without number, and the peace of mind that you will have is beyond measure.  Once you have tasted the honey, so-to-speak, you will never want to let go.

The world may be going crazy, and each day may bring us a few woes; but, we have a friend that is unmovable, unchanging, and very trustworthy.  We can always know that He will be there for us.

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Thank you and God Bless,

Sara Lee

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