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Hi, Friends in Christ:

What a joy it is serving our precious Jesus.  At the age of 32, I started reading the Bible.  It is indeed a fantastic book!  I have found that the more I read it, the easier it is to understand. From cover to cover, I have discovered how beautiful Jesus truly is. He loves us so much.

My aim each day is to share the love of Jesus with you.  I will do it in a very simple manner.  I will talk about our Father’s loving example, write out simple-to-follow Bible studies, and mix in history and current events that will bring us to a clearer understanding of the Bible and prepare us for Christ’s Second Coming.

Jesus has always been a special friend to me, and I want more than anything to be in His Kingdom.  I love sharing Him with those that I come in contact with because I want to see them in heaven.   Won’t it be fun to talk and laugh together and sit at the feet of Jesus throughout all eternity?  Oh, let us all strive to be there!

About me:  I am 76 years old.  I have 3 children, two step-children, and many grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. I am very blessed, as they are so good to me, and I adore them all.  My children will tell you I am always encouraging them in many ways to follow Jesus.  We all want our family members to be in heaven, right?

For hobbies: I enjoy reading and doing a little yard work, as I love nature.  I have a great walking path across the street that I walk along to get exercise.  I am not the best cook in the world; but, I like trying new recipes.  I am thinking that maybe I should take up knitting.  My Mom and Grandmother knitted and made some very beautiful afghans and things.

I do hope that you enjoy what I write on this website.  I try to bring to light important passages of the Bible and mix in history and current world events.  This will hopefully help us to understand what is about to take place in the last days and how we need to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ.

Like I said, I like writing about my friend Jesus and feel that others can benefit from all the posts in this website.  This is simply my way of sharing the truths of the Bible which in turn helps me to become more firmly planted in His word.

With that, I wish you much joy and I am so glad you are here.

Here is a rose for our new friendship.  May you come closer to Jesus as you eagerly await His soon return.

Your Friend in Christ,

Sara Lee

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