Come To Jesus For Forgiveness

Saturday, 01, October , 2016 by

The one thing essential for us in order that we may receive and impart the forgiving love of God is to know and believe the love that He has to us.  I John 4:16  Satan is working by every deception he can command, in order that we may not discern that love.  He will lead

Our Prayer Answering God

Thursday, 04, December , 2014 by

Every saint who comes to God with a true heart, and sends his honest petitions to Him in faith, will have his prayers answered.  Your faith must not let go of the promises of God, if you do not see or feel the immediate answer to your prayers.  Be not afraid to trust God.  Rely

Christ Is Our Example In Prayer

Friday, 08, August , 2014 by

Christ is our example.  His life was a life of prayer.  Yes, Christ, the Son of God, equal with the Father, Himself all –sufficient, the storehouse of all blessings, He whose voice could rebuke disease, still the tempest, and call the dead to life, prayed with strong crying and many tears.  He often spent whole

The Breath Of The Soul

Tuesday, 15, April , 2014 by

Prayer is the breath of the soul, the channel of all blessings.  As…the repentant soul offers its prayer, God sees its struggles, watches its conflicts, and marks its sincerity.  He has His finger upon its pulse, and He takes note of every throb.  Not a feeling thrills it, not an emotion agitates it, not a

Prayer Moves Heaven

Tuesday, 25, March , 2014 by

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”  Matthew 7:7 Why is it that we do not receive more from Him who is the source of light and power?  We expect too little. We do not value as we should the power and efficacy