Character A Quality Of The Soul

“No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies.”  Job 28:18

A character formed according to the divine likeness is the only treasure that we can take from this world to the next.  Those who are under the instruction of Christ in this world will take every divine attainment with them to the heavenly mansions.  And in heaven we are continually to improve…

Mental ability and genius are not character, for these are often possessed by those who have the very opposite of a good character.  Reputation is not character.  True character is a quality of soul, revealing itself in the conduct.

A good character is a capital of more value than gold or silver.  It is unaffected by panics or failures, and in that day when earthly possessions shall be swept away, it will bring rich returns.  Integrity, firmness, and perseverance are qualities that all should seek earnestly to cultivate; for they clothe the possessor with a power which is irresistible–a power which makes him strong to do good, strong to resist evil, strong to bear adversity.

Strength of character consists of two things–power of will and power of self-control.  Many youth mistake strong, uncontrolled passion for strength of character; but the truth is that he who is mastered by his passions is a weak man.  The real greatness and nobility of the man is measured by his powers to subdue his feelings, not by the power of his feelings to subdue him.  The strongest man is he who, while sensitive to abuse, will yet restrain passion and forgive his enemies.

If it were considered as important that the young possess a beautiful character and amiable disposition as it is that they imitate the fashions of the world in dress and deportment, we would see hundreds where there is one today coming upon the stage of active life prepared to exert an ennobling influence upon society.

E. G. White, Maranatha (The Lord Is Coming), p. 223


“As by man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.”  Romans 5:19

Because man fallen could not overcome Satan with his human strength, Christ came from the royal courts of heaven to help him with His human and divine strength combined.  Christ knew that Adam in Eden, with his superior advantages, might have withstood the temptations of Satan, and conquered him.  He also knew that it was not possible for man, out of Eden, separated from the light and love of God since the Fall, to resist the temptations of Satan in his own strength.  In order to bring hope to man, and save him from complete ruin, He humbled Himself to take man’s nature, that, with His divine power combined with the human, He might reach man where he is.  He obtains for the fallen sons and daughters of Adam that strength which it is impossible for them to gain for themselves, that in His name they may overcome the temptations of Satan…

Adam and Eve in Eden were placed under most favorable circumstances… They were without the condemnation of sin… The Author of their existence was their teacher.  But they fell beneath the power and temptations of the artful foe.  Four thousand years had Satan been at work against the government of God, and he had obtained strength and experience from determined practice.  Fallen men had not the advantages of Adam in Eden.  They had been separating from God for four thousand years.  The wisdom to understand, and power to resist, the temptations of Satan had become less and less, until Satan seemed to reign triumphant in the earth.  Appetite and passion, the love of the world and presumptuous sins, were the great branches of evil out of which every species of…corruption grew.

Our lives may seem a tangle; but as we commit ourselves to the wise Master Worker, He will bring out the pattern of life and character that will be to His own glory.  And that character which expresses the glory–character–of Christ, will be received into the Paradise of God.

Everyone who by faith obey God’s commandments, will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression.

E. G. White, Maranatha (The Lord Is Coming) p. 224


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