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The one thing essential for us in order that we may receive and impart the forgiving love of God is to know and believe the love that He has to us.  I John 4:16  Satan is working by every deception he can command, in order that we may not discern that love.  He will lead us to think that our mistakes and transgressions have been so grievous that the Lord will not have respect unto our prayers and will not bless and save us.  In ourselves we can see nothing but weakness, nothing to recommend us to God, and Satan tells us that it is of no use; we cannot remedy our defects of character.  When we try to come to God, the enemy will whisper, It is no use for you to pray; did not you do that evil thing?  Have you not sinned against God and violated your own conscience?  But we may tell the enemy that “the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanseth us from all sin.”  I John 1:7  When we feel that we have sinned and cannot pray, it is then the time to pray.  Ashamed we may be and deeply humbled, but we must pray and believe.  “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.”  I Timothy 1:15  Forgiveness, reconciliation with God, comes to us, not as a reward for our works, it is not bestowed because of the merit of sinful men, but it is a gift unto us, having in the spotless righteousness of Christ its foundation for bestowal.

We should not try to lessen our guilt by excusing sin.  We must accept God’s estimate of sin, and that is heavy indeed.  Calvary alone can reveal the terrible enormity of sin.  If we had to bear our own guilt, it would crush us.  But the sinless One has taken our place; though undeserving, He has borne our iniquity…  “because He delighteth in mercy.”  Micah 7:18

E. G. White, Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing, pp. 115, 116

David saw the enormity of his transgression; he saw the defilement of his soul; he loathed his sin.  It was not for pardon only that he prayed, but for purity of heart.  He longed for the joy of holiness—to be restored to harmony and communion with God… A repentance such as this, is beyond the reach of our own power to accomplish; it is obtained only from Christ, who ascended up on high and has given gifts unto men.

Just here is a point on which many may err, and hence they fail of receiving the help that Christ desires to give them.  They think that they cannot come to Christ unless they first repent, and that repentance prepares for the forgiveness of their sins.  It is true that repentance does precede the forgiveness of sins; for it is only the broken and contrite heart that will feel the need of a Saviour.  But must the sinner wait till he has repented before he can come to Jesus?  Is repentance to be made an obstacle between the sinner and the Saviour?

The Bible does not teach that the sinner must repent before he can heed the invitation of Christ, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28  It is the virtue that goes forth from Christ, that leads to genuine repentance.  Peter made the matter clear in his statement to the Israelites when he said, “Him hath God exalted with His right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.”  Acts 5:31  We can no more repent without the Spirit of Christ to awaken the conscience than we can be pardoned without Christ.

Christ is the source of every right impulse.  He is the only one that can implant in the heart enmity against sin.  Every desire for truth and purity, every conviction of our own sinfulness, is an evidence that His Spirit is moving upon our hearts.

Jesus has said, “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.”  John 12:32  Christ must be revealed to the sinner as the Saviour dying for the sins of the world; and as we behold the Lamb of God upon the cross of Calvary, the mystery of redemption begins to unfold to our minds and the goodness of God leads us to repentance.  In dying for sinners, Christ manifested a love that is incomprehensible; and as the sinner beholds this love, it softens the heart, impresses the mind, and inspires contrition in the soul.

E. G. White, Steps To Christ. pp. 24-26


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