Goodly Pearl

Christ left the worlds unfallen, the society of holy angels in the universe of heaven, for He could not be satisfied while humanity was alienated from Him.  The heavenly Merchantman lays aside His royal robe and crown.  Though the Prince and Commander of all heaven, He takes upon Him the garb of humanity, and comes to a world that is marred and seared with the curse, to seek for the one lost pearl, to seek for man fallen through disobedience.

He finds His pearl buried in rubbish.  Selfishness encrusts the human heart. and it is bound by the tyranny of Satan.  But He lifts the soul out of its darkness to show forth the praises of Him who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.  We are brought into covenant relationship with God, and receive pardon and find peace.  Jesus finds the pearl of lost humanity, and resets it in His own diadem.

He would inspire the most sinful, the most debased, with hope.  He says, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”  John 6:37  When a soul finds the Saviour, the Saviour rejoices as a merchantman that has found his goodly pearl.  By His grace He will work upon the soul until it will be like a jewel polished for the heavenly kingdom.

E. G. White, That I May Know Him, p. 84

You must make a daily, personal consecration of all to God.  You must daily renew your covenant to be His wholly and forever.  Place no dependence upon changeable feelings, but plant your feet upon the sure platform of the promises of God: Thou has said it; I believe the promise.  This is an intelligent faith.

Your feelings will be troubled as you see some pursuing a course contrary to the principles of Christ; trials and tests of faith will come to you; but I entreat you to look only to Jesus, and allow none of these things to harden your heart, or to cause darkness or unbelief.  Let nothing cause your faith to fail.  Live as in the sight of God.  Talk with Jesus as you would speak with a friend.  He is ready to help you in the sorest trial; He is with you in the gravest perplexity.

E. G. White, Our High Calling, p. 124


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