He Was The Blameless Son Of God

Taking humanity upon Him, Christ came to be one with humanity, and at the same time to reveal our heavenly Father to sinful human beings.  He who had been in the presence of the Father from the beginning, He who was the express image of the invisible God, was alone able to reveal the character of the Deity to mankind.  He was in all things made like unto His brethren.  He became flesh, even as we are.  He was hungry and thirsty and weary.  He was sustained by food and refreshed by sleep.  He shared the lot of men; yet He was the blameless Son of God.  He was a stranger and sojourner on the earth,–in the world, but not of the world; tempted and tried as men and women to-day are tempted and tried, yet living a life free from sin.  Tender, compassionate, sympathetic, ever considerate of others, He represented the character of God, and was constantly engaged in service for God and man.

Christ crucified for our sins, Christ risen from the dead, Christ ascended on high, is the science of salvation that we are to learn and to teach.

It is through the gift of Christ that we receive every blessing.  Through that gift there comes to us day by day the unfailing flow of Jehovah’s goodness.  Every flower, with its delicate tints and its fragrance, is given for our enjoyment through that one Gift.  The sun and the moon were made by Him.  There is not a star which beautifies the heavens that He did not make.  Every drop of rain that falls, every ray of light shed upon our unthankful world, testifies of the love of God in Christ.  Everything is supplied to us through the one unspeakable Gift, God’s only-begotten Son.  He was nailed to the cross that all these bounties might flow to God’s workmanship.

“Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God…!”  I John 3:1

E. G. White, The Ministry Of Healing, pp. 422-425


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