Qualities Which Shine

The qualities which shine with greatest luster in the kingdom of the world have no place in Christ’s spiritual kingdom.  That which is highly exalted among men, and brings exaltation to its possessor, such as caste, rank, position, or wealth, is not esteemed in the spiritual kingdom.

Those who have been actuated by selfishness and human ambition, who have been striving to be greatest, who have been self-important, who have felt above confessing mistakes and errors, will have no place in the kingdom of God.  Whether men will be honored as members of the royal family of God, will be determined by the manner in which they bear the test and proving of God that is brought to bear upon them in this life.

The character which we no manifest is deciding our future destiny.  Happiness of heaven will be found by conforming to the will of God, and if men become members of the royal family in heaven, it will be because heaven has begun with them on earth.  They have cherished the mind of Christ,..(and) will be made the members of the royal family above.

E. G. White, God’s Amazing Grace, p. 60


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