Spirit of Prophecy

The Bible Directs The Life

The whole Bible is a revelation of the glory of God in Christ.  Received , believed, obeyed, it is the great instrumentality in the transformation of character.  It is the grand stimulus, the constraining  force, that quickens the physical, mental, and spiritual powers, and directs the life into right channels.

The reason why the youth, and even those of mature years, are easily led into temptation and sin, is that they do not study the word of God, and meditate upon it, as they should.  The lack of firm, decided will-power, which is manifest in life and character, results from neglect of the sacred instruction of God’s word.  They do not by earnest effort direct the mind to that which would inspire pure, holy thought, and divert it from that which is impure and untrue.  There are few who choose the better part, who sit at the feet of Jesus, as did Mary, to learn of the divine Teacher.  Few treasure His words in the heart, and practice them in the life.

The truths of the Bible, received, will uplift mind and soul.  If the word of God were appreciated as it should be, both young and old would possess an inward rectitude,  a strength of principle, that would enable them to resist temptation.

Let men teach and write the precious things of the Holy Scriptures.  Let the thought, the aptitude, the keen exercise of brain power, be given to the study of the thoughts of God.  Study not the philosophy of man’s conjectures, but study the philosophy of Him who is truth.  No other literature can compare with this in value.

The mind that is earthly finds no pleasure in contemplating the word of God; but for the mind renewed by the Holy Spirit, divine beauty and celestial light shine from the sacred page.  That which to the earthly mind was a desolate wilderness, to the spiritual mind becomes a land of living streams.

The knowledge of God as revealed in His word is the knowledge to be given to our children.  From the earliest dawn of reason they should be made familiar with the name and the life of Jesus.  Their first lessons should teach them that God is their Father.  Their first training should be that of loving obedience.  Reverently and tenderly let the word of God be read and repeated to them, in portions suited to their comprehension and adapted to awaken their interest.  And above all, let them learn of His love revealed in Christ, and its great lesson:

“If God so loved us we ought also to love one another.”  1 John 4:11

Let the youth make the word of God the food of mind and soul.  Let the cross of Christ be made the science of all education, the center of all teaching and all study.  Let it be brought into the daily experience in practical life.  So will the Saviour become to the youth a daily companion and friend.   Every thought will be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.  With the apostle Paul they will be able to say:

“God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.”  Galatians 6:14

E. G. White, The Ministry Of Healing, pp. 458-460


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