The Power Of Jesus’ Name

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Christ is our pattern, the perfect and holy example that has been given us to follow.  We can never equal the Pattern, but we may imitate and resemble it according to our ability.  When we fall, all helpless, suffering in consequence of our realization of the sinfulness of sin; when we humble ourselves before God, afflicting our souls by true repentance and contrition; when we offer our fervent prayers to God in the name of Christ; we shall as surely be received by the Father as we sincerely make a complete surrender of our all to God.  We should realize in our inmost soul that all our efforts in and of ourselves will be utterly worthless, for it is only in the name and strength of the Conqueror that we shall be overcomers.

If we believe in the power of Jesus’ name, and present our petitions to God in His name, we shall never be turned away… Our help cometh from God, who holds all things in His own hands.  Our peace is in the assurance that His love is exercised toward us.  If faith grasps this assurance, we have gained all; if we lose this assurance, all is lost. When we surrender all we have and are to God and are placed in trying and dangerous positions, coming in contact with Satan, we should remember that we shall have victory in meeting the enemy in the name and power of the Conqueror.  Every angel would be commissioned to come to our rescue when we thus depend upon Christ rather than that we should be permitted to be overcome.

But we need not expect to get the victory without suffering, for Jesus suffered in conquering for us. While we suffer in His name, while we are called upon to deny appetite, and to withdraw ourselves from lovers of pleasure, we should not murmur, but should rather rejoice that we are privileged in a very small degree to be partakers with Christ of the trial, the sacrifice, the self-denial, and the suffering that our Lord endured on our behalf that we might obtain eternal salvation.

E. G. White, That I May Know Him, p. 265


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