Walking With the Lord

Every Act of justice, mercy, and benevolence makes melody in heaven.  The Father from His throne beholds those who do these acts of mercy, and numbers them with His most precious treasures.  “And they shall be Mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up My jewels.”  Every merciful act to the needy, the suffering, is regarded as though done to Jesus.  When you succor the poor, sympathize with the afflicted and oppressed, and befriend the orphan, you bring yourselves into a closer relationship to Jesus.

E. G. White, My Life Today, p. 242

I have seen that those who live for a purpose, seeking to benefit and bless their fellow men and to honor and glorify their Redeemer, are the truly happy ones on the earth, while the man who is restless, discontented, and seeking this and testing that, hoping to find happiness, is always complaining of disappointment.  He is always in want, never satisfied, because he lives for himself alone.  Let it be your aim to do good, to act your part in life faithfully.

Find time to comfort some other heart, to bless with a kind, cheering word someone who is battling with temptation and maybe with affliction.  In thus blessing another with cheering, hopeful words, pointing him to the Burden Bearer, you may unexpectedly find peace, happiness, and consolation yourself.

E. G. White, Our High Calling, p. 64

The Lord is honored by our acts of mercy, by the exercise of thoughtful consideration for the unfortunate and distressed.  The widow and the fatherless need more than our charity.  They need sympathy and watchcare and compassionate words and a helping hand to place them where they can learn to help themselves.  All deeds done for those who need help are as if done to Christ.  In our study to know how to help the unfortunate we should study the way in which Christ worked.  He did not refuse to work for those who made mistakes; His works of mercy were done for every class, the righteous and the unrighteous.  For all alike He healed disease and gave lessons of instruction if they humbly asked Him.

Those who claim to believe in Christ are to represent Christ in deeds of kindness and mercy.  Such will never know until the day of judgement what good they have done in seeking to follow the example of the Saviour.

E. G. White, Welfare Ministry, pp. 85, 86


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